Indoor Artificial Boxwood Hedge Mat

Geranium Street Floral offers artificial boxwood hedge mats for indoor use.

Today, Geranium Street Floral announces the availability artificial boxwood hedge mats for interior use from the busy faux boxwood and artificial foliage production factory.

Light Green On a fence

Light Green On a fence

Bob Smith, Geranium Street Floral manager says: “We are excited to have artificial boxwood hedge mat products to offer our customers. These materials fuel creativity and add lush greenery to indoor environments … without the hassles of dirt-rooted plants.”

Artificial boxwood hedge mat products offered by Geranium Street Floral are sized 16″ X 24” and cover 2.5 square feet. Weight is approximately one pound per mat. Rise or height is approximately one inch.

Hedge panels can attach to any common home surfaces using a variety of application processes. It is easy to use adhesives or you can use staple or nail for permanent or non-permanent designs.

These interior use products are available now:

Call all the Geranium Street online store office at (760) 304-4955 today to get your own artificial boxwood hedge mat project underway.